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 2015 Accreditation


Tim Baszler, Chair

Barbara Martin, Vice chair

Helen Acland

Beverly Byrum

Sharon Hietala

Bill Johnson

Joey Kellum

David  Korcal

Pat Lukens

Terry McElwain

Doris Miller


Requirements and Application Materials

          AAVLD Auditors checklist

AAVLD Requirements

          AAVLD Application for Accreditation


Accreditation Committee Guidance Documents

On-site audit procedures SOP

AAVLD Overview for Auditees

AAVLD AC Site Visits Evaluation Form



Richard Mock

Kristy Pabilonia

Lanny Pace

Karen Post

Maria Spinato

Amy Swinford

Laura Torchin

Reda Ozuna

Ad Hoc

Christie Loiacono, USDA NAHLN

Accredited Laboratory document Repository instructions


Note: If you do not have your Laboratory user name and password, please contact Reda Ozuna, Accreditation administrator at accreditation@aavld.org.

  1. Go to www.aavld.org and log in.
  2. Select "My Profile"
  3. Hover over "My Feature" Note: Here you may update your profile.
  4. Select "Committees"
  5. Select the link " State Lab/AC view"
  6. Select "Files"
  7. Select "Add Files"
  8. In the description field enter the name of the document. Please use the new document naming convention. Note: you document may not be larger then 25MB. Example of naming convention: 2015.01.01.CA.LR1.FINAL. "2015.01.01" Is the site visit the document is related to, "CA" is your State, "LR1" is the first Lab response submitted. Note: If it is the second or third and so on. Use the number of response such as LR2 or LR3. Also if your file is large and document is more than 24MB identify by using example: 2015.01.01.CA.LR1a.Final and so on a,b,c,d....  "Final" is for the final Lab response.
  9. Select "Upload"
  10. Select "Add File"

Note: Please disregard the note: "File (max size: 150 MB): We are in the processing of getting this fixed to state 25MB.


                              Announcement Board                                                                                        Quick Reference
  • Upcoming 2015 58th Annual Meeting, October 22-28, 2015.                                                                          Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence, Rhode Island.  
  • The Accreditation meets three times a year




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