Advancing veterinary diagnostic laboratory science


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The AAVLD is a world leader in advancing the discipline of veterinary diagnostic laboratory science to promote global animal health and One Health.



The AAVLD promotes continuous improvement and public awareness of veterinary diagnostic laboratories by advancing the discipline of veterinary diagnostic laboratory science.  The AAVLD provides avenues for education, communication, peer-reviewed publication, collaboration, outreach, and laboratory accreditation.


 Core values

The AAVLD is committed to these core values:

  • Continuous improvement
  • Engagement of members
  • Effective communication
  • Collaboration
  • Support of One Health



1. Advocate for the role of veterinary diagnostic laboratories in One Health by engaging in development of animal health initiatives, policies and dissemination of surveillance information
2. Foster continuous improvement of diagnostic laboratories through accreditation and continuing education activities while encouraging discovery and innovation in veterinary laboratory diagnostic sciences
3. Strengthen communication with members and promote their continued professional growth