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AAVLD Laboratory Staff Travel Awards - 2014


The AAVLD is soliciting applications for Laboratory Staff Travel Awards for the 2014 Annual AAVLD Meeting in Kansas City, MO. Veterinary diagnostic laboratory staff in any discipline are encouraged to apply, including epidemiology, immunology, microbiology (bacteriology, food safety, mycology and virology), molecular diagnostics, parasitology, pathology, and toxicology.


The $1,500 travel awards are intended to help defray the cost of travel and lodging to attend the Annual AAVLD meeting. The Laboratory Staff Travel Awards are funded by the AAVLD Foundation and are new for 2014.  Laboratory staff travel to the AAVLD Annual Meeting is are intended to encouraging laboratory staff excellence in their diagnostic discipline, promote networking of veterinary laboratorians, and encourage participation in AAVLD committees. This year, funds are available for up to 6 laboratory staff travel awards.


To be eligible for the AAVLD Laboratory Staff Travel Award, the applicant must submit an abstract for a poster presentation or oral presentation at the Annual Meeting. The first step is to submit an electronic abstract through the AAVLD electronic abstract submission website:

During submission of your abstract, there will be a prompt on the “Awards” page to select for Laboratory Staff Travel Award consideration.  You will then be asked to upload 2 additional documents on line:


1) A one-page letter stating the candidate’s role in the work and the significance of the work to veterinary diagnostic medicine of the abstract to be presented;


2) A one-page letter of support from your laboratory supervisor or director.


The deadline for receipt of all application materials is June 1, 2014 (the deadline for submission of Annual Meeting abstracts).


For questions regarding the AAVLD Laboratory Travel Awards contact Dr. Tom McKenna by email at [email protected].