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E.P. Pope Memorial Award

The E.P. Pope Award provides the highest acknowledgement those members who have made noteworthy contributions to the AAVLD, and advanced the implementation and recognition of the specialty of veterinary diagnostic medicine.

Congratulations 2018 E. P. Pope Memorial  Award Winner:



   Dr. Craig N. Carter, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVPM- Lexington, Kentucky

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Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award honors those members who have generously volunteered their time, energy, and professionalism to substantially enrich and advance AAVLD and diagnostic medicine.


Congratulations 2018 Distinguished Service Award Winner:



Kristy Pabilonia, DVM, PhD - Fort Collins, CO

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Life Members

Life membership is awarded to AAVLD members that have contributed significantly to the success of AAVLD and by their example have inspired colleagues to enter the field of diagnostic medicine. 


   Congratulations 2018 Life Member Award Winner:


 Dr. Craig N. Carter, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVPM- Lexington, Kentucky

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AAVLD Life Time Members

Bruce Akey

John J. Andrews        

Alex Ardans

Martin E. Bergeland

*Harry H. Berrier

Arthur A. Bickford

Pat Blanchard

Emmitt Braselton

*Edward A. Carbrey

Clyde S. Card

Craig N. Carter

*Harold L. Chute

John R. Cole, Jr.

Robert Crandall

Tony Van Dreumel

Edward Dubovi

Robert J. Eckroade

William C. Edwards

Monique Eloit

James England

A.K. Eugster

William H. Fales

*Anthony M. Gallina

Robert D. Glock

Dan E. Goodwin

Harvey S. Gosser

Dan Gould

Lenn Harrison

Sharon K. Hietala

Lorraine J. Hoffman


Charles L. Kanitz

Kenneth K. Keahey

George A. Kennedy

L.D. Kinter


John M. Kreeger

Lloyd H. Lauerman

Donald H. Lein

Ron Lewis

*Donald E. Mattson

Terry F. McElwain

G.E. McKissick

Gavin Meerdink

Brad Mollet

*L.G. Morehouse

*Glen H. Nelson, Sr.

Louis E. Newman

John S. Orsborn

Gary Osweiler

James E. Pearson



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