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Executive Committee Members                                    


Dr. Christina Wilson (2015-2017)

Vice President

Dr. Tam Garland (2015-2017)


Dr. Lori Smith (2015-2018)


Mr. Mike Filigenzi (2014-2018)

Dr. Larry Thompson (2014-2018)

Dr. Cynthia Gaskill (2015-2019)

Dr. Karyn Bischoff (2015-2019)



American Academy of Veterinary and Comparative Toxicology



Our purpose is to encourage professional improvement and esprit de corps among veterinary and comparative toxicologists.  Our objectives are to foster and encourage sound education, training, and research in veterinary and/or comparative toxicology; to sponsor and encourage scientific and technical meetings and promote discussion and interchange of information in the following fields of toxicology: teaching, research and development, diagnosis and treatment, nomenclature, public health, regulatory and other areas of common interest relevant to the field; to suggest and encourage research in toxicology; to facilitate and implement the exchange of proven methods and procedures among veterinary and comparative toxicology.





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